It's quite simple... I'm a laid back, born and raised Cali guy who enjoys photographing life in a natural way using my camera, the environment that surrounds my subjects, and anything else that catches my eye. Now besides loving photography, I also love my virtuous wife, our growing family, Jesus, my mother, and all of my extended family, distant relatives, and close friends. My favorite food is sushi with lots of unagi sauce and two of my favorite shows that never get old are The Office and Friends. I enjoy singing, song writing, leading worship, or even just picking up my guitar or mandolin and jamming out. My father was an amazing drummer (I lost him to cancer in 2012) and so I also enjoy beating on my cajon or steering wheel from time to time, just like he did. Back in 2012 I recorded a record with my band from home, Ghost of Cali, and we finished it before the end of that same year. Shortly after that I proposed to my girlfriend (now wife) and a few months later we got married. So the record never really took off which is a bummer because it turned out so well. Have a listen or a free download if you'd like right here. Immediately after I got married my wife and I packed everything we had and spent 4 years overseas in Europe. During our 4 year military tour in Germany, I fell in love with the scenery and loved capturing and sharing my beautiful landscapes with everyone. I'm a big fan of wide open landscapes, country life, mountains, starry night skies with the milky way in plain sight, and God's amazing creation.