We all like food and we need it to live. But what kind of food is best? Well we are very slowly transitioning into healthier eating. So when I say slowly transitioning, I really mean SLOW! It's a working progress. We are trying to eliminate all dairy and meat from our diets. It's not easy and I'm not going to tell you that we've been doing well because we haven't at all. But like I said we are trying and transitioning into this new lifestyle. 

Here is a sandwich I made today for lunch. It contains the following:
Ezekiel bread, 2 slices of dairy free cheese, melted onto one meatless buffalo chicken patty, spinach, avocado, mustard, and avocado slices on the side.

It was a great sandwich and all of the other meatless and dairy free foods we have been consuming, have been delicious, thus far. 

What kind of foods do you like? Have you ever had anything like this before too?