Having a 2 year old keeps me on my toes. But having a 2 year old keeps me surprised all the time as well. He really enjoys getting into things he's not supposed to. For example, my son enjoys pushing the buttons on the dishwasher to make it randomly start or open it up to pull the rack out and proceed to have me come and fix it. He also enjoys getting ice to come out of the ice maker on the fridge door, so I'm always having to remember to lock that function completely to stop him from making the floors all wet. On the other hand, I really enjoy it when he plays in his room with his toys and is content being in there by himself. I'm usually able to get some stuff done when that is happening. But my absolute favorite thing is when he is doing things that he sees mommy and daddy doing when we aren't looking. 

I was upstairs in our bedroom working on my computer and could hear him downstairs talking to himself as he played with some other object. I quickly ran downstairs to see what he was potentially getting into again and instead found him sitting at the table opening and closing this little book I left on top, while he pretended to read it.

Glad I was able to creep my camera around the corner without him noticing me. :)

Do you have any kids like that in your household?