Boy Was I Glad To Be Outside Today

When I woke up this morning and took out our trash cans, I had no idea how the weather was going to be like today. I expected it to be humid, sticky, zero wind, and 90 degrees out like it was yesterday. Boy was I glad to be outside today! Today felt like fall!! When I walked onto my back porch to grab my trash cans this morning, I paused almost immediately and couldn't believe how nice it felt. No humidity, no scorching heat, the trees were singing as the wind blew them about, and for the first time since moving here I really wanted to be outside today. Like REALLY wanted to be outside. I was so excited to take Matthias out of the house and just... be. To play. To explore. To ride around the neighborhood. To feel the breeze and sit on our front steps while he and I played together was the absolute best. We spent about 3 hours in our neighborhood playing in the dirt and just enjoying this glorious day! It's also a lot of fun to drive around with the windows down and feel that 70 degree air just blow through the car. I love it and if this kind of weather keeps up, I'll be sure to soak in as much of it as possible.