Treasure Hunt

Today is my birthday. I've been alive for 31 years and 9 months. I have a lot to be thankful for. My incredible wife surprised me yesterday with a pre-birthday surprise dinner. We went to Old Town, a little area inside of Alexandria, and had dinner at this wonderful seafood restaurant with great waterfront views to see after we ate. (Check my previous post to see some of those waterfront views). 

Then I woke up this morning to some birthday messages written on our mirror and didn't realize that I was not awake and ready for what was about to happen next. 


After reading the mirror I started making my way downstairs, when I saw with my barely awoken eyes at the bottom was a happy birthday note. I came to find out that this very letter was the beginning of a treasure hunt.

I wasn't prepared to put on my Nicolas Cage thinking cap and begin my search for the national treasure that was my gift. So I rubbed my eyes after reading the note and began to follow each clue, one after the other.

My wife is good! She fooled me a few times because she was leaving sweet treats with each clue and I would believe that that was the end of my search. Well she had me opening our fridge, looking under the kitchen table, translating a clue, looking inside the closet, and then finally leading me into the basement.

How long could she keep this up? Surely this trail ends. Well even when I found the final clue, I was expecting it to keep me searching for more clues like Mr. Cage did, but it didn't this time.

And that's when I realized the search was over.

I was very surprised about my gift because you see, I haven't been to a baseball game in ages and I always enjoyed watching the games with my family at the actual stadium. I don't follow sports but I enjoy them just like I enjoyed that little treasure hunt. So it doesn't matter to me who plays, just as long as I am with the ones I love. You are always full of surprises and you did good babe. I will treasure you for as long as I live. Best birthday!