Lispole Viaduct: Lispole, Ireland


Lispole Viaduct: Lispole, Ireland

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This is the Lispole Viaduct, part of the Dingle - Tralee Railway line which ran from 1891 to 1953. Work on this line began in 1888. Robert Worthington was the contractor and contrary to his advice a narrow gauge (3ft) railway was built to cut costs. In all, the line cost £2,700 a mile considerably cheaper than similar lines in those days. Workers on the building of the line worked a 12 hour day from 6.00pm. for a daily wage of 10 pence. The viaduct is a testament to their craftsmanship. This was also the scene of an accident in 1907 when the brakes failed in a goods train as it travelled along a gradient of 1:29 from Garrynadur to Viaduct. The train was derailed short of the bridge, careered down the embankment, toppled over and came to a halt on the brink of the river Owenalondrig. Miracualously fireman, guard and drive escaped injury. Maximum speed on this bridge was officially two and a half m.p.h.. Though the Dingle - Tralee line is no more, part of the line has been reconstructed between Tralee & Blennerville. It is now possible to experience first hand a trip on a steam train steeped in history.

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